Welcome, here at Tranquil Weaves I make bespoke handcrafted woven art pieces, wall hangings, soft furnishings and accessories inspired by the serene landscape of the Scottish Highlands. Each handwoven piece is unique. Many of the pieces are hand dyed in such a way that they cannot be re-created.

Founded on the belief that the finest quality fabrics, combined with nature-inspired designs, can transform everyday moments into extraordinary ones. Tranquil Weaves strives to capture the essence of tranquility within each piece, crafting elegance, comfort and individuality.

I studied Textiles: Innovation & Design at Loughborough University gaining a 1st Class BA Honours Degree in Woven Textiles.

I live on a remote peninsula in the Scottish Highlands. Living so close to nature has given me a deeper understanding of colour and texture and greatly influenced me on my weaving journey.

Setting up the loom

Setting up the loom is a very long process that includes many steps. Being able to make my own fabric has brought me alot of joy and learning this beautiful craft and all the steps involved has been a huge gift for me. Each step must be done meticulously to ensure the desired designs are created.

Exhaust dye method

I use an exhaust dye method when dyeing all my own yarn. This process means less water is used and all the dye is used within the dye bath. It is therefore more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Looking after our planet is always on my mind and something I also consider when sourcing all of my yarns and materials.

1st Prize for the Campaign for Wool Award 2021

This woven sample is made from 100% wool, the warp is 2/16s British Lambswool and the weft is Merino wool. This woven sample was hand dyed, designed to depict the atmosphere of the Scottish Highlands. Specifically, a peninsula in the Scottish Highlands called Scoraig. Scoraig is an off-grid community where sustainability is part of the everyday and a key part of life. Therefore, wool was a fitting choice of fibre as it is biodegradable, renewable and natural. The collection was designed for interiors and wool is a durable, versatile and breathable fibre and was therefore an ideal choice.

This sample was designed for interior spaces that embrace the Scottish interior concept Coorie, which is all about comfort and warmth in your home which wool succeeds in.

The Clothworkers Company Commendation 2021

Inspired by the seashore and symbolic flowers, this luxurious silk collection was designed for high-end hotel interiors. Using deep tones to create an elegant yet simple finish. The warp is 2/30s silk hand dyed in sections to create colour transitions with movement.